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Strawberries and Stories

The second professional storyteller I ever saw (Hugh Lupton was the first), was leading a workshop at Greenbelt Arts Festival in the early '90's. Along with the workshop, she performed a story - and what a story it was! A total 'tour de force!' as they say. It was only some silly, charming thing about pigs and the runt of the litter - but it was told with such conviction, playfulness and abandonment, that we were all caught up in the moment and desperate to know if the little pig made it... Back then she was called Angela Knowles, but now she is married and living in Norway and her name has changed to Angela Halvorsen Bogo ( However she is over here this week and she will be doing one of her occasional house concerts in Southampton on Friday (2/5/17). I am really looking forward to seeing her and am only sorry I will not be free to attend the two day workshop she is leading in Eastleigh over the weekend on clown in dementia care. Fridays house concert also includes strawberries and cream - hence the heading! Do come along if you are in the area.

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