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Week one of 'Walking the Wildwoods'

Well I have been back from Sussex a week now and I am pleased to report that a marvellous time was had by all. As ever the grounds at Emerson were beautiful and inspirational.

The course was full of fabulous approaches to developing stories and challenges to engage brains and creativity. We had lots of riddles to solve - luckily we were allowed to work on those as a group or I would have been terribly stuck.

One major plus was all the other participants - marvellous people from across the world: Belgium, Cananda, the States, Scotland, and of course England. We were a merry band and I am looking forward to working with them all again over the next three years or so.

Big thanks go to Shonaleigh, for all the treats she prepared for us, skills she showed us and approaches she shared. I can foresee this making a major impact on the quality of my storytelling in the future.


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