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Seasonal stories

Just a brief note to point out what a rich season of stories we have coming up over the next few months:

-On the 30th September there is storytelling just outside Shaftesbury in Swallowdale. Angela Halvorson Bogo will be telling Babette's Feast and other stories. Angela is a truely wonderful storyteller who is well worth the journey.

-We have the wonderful Ogress Storytellers coming to do two fundraising concerts at the Lantern Centre in Ringwood on the 6th and 8th October.

-The Earthouse at Cranbourne has some great stuff this season - but is sadly sold out.

-Jason Buck will be telling Spooky Stories at the Art House in Southampton on the 3rd November.

- Meanwhile at Heads and Tales we have Harvest Tales tomorrow from guest teller Janet Goring, followed by spooky stories in October and a Hercules group telling in November.

-And I am greatly looking forward to getting the chance to tell some of my repertoire of seasonal tales - roll on Halloween and Christmas!

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