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Spinning Stories for later in the year.

I'm afraid it has been a while since I last made an entry here, but though I have been silent, a whole lot of storytelling has been going on. We had our 'Epic in an Evening' event back in November, where regulars at Heads and Tales told a chapter each of the Herakles myth. I had the tale of his childhood and youth - and a cracking good story it is too! Did you know that Hercules was a twin and that he admired vultures (because they never attack or kill)? We all enjoyed ourselves so much that we repeated the event in Southampton (at The Art House) in January.

The Heads and Tales programme is sorted through until July. We are looking forward to Lisa coming up from Frome to tell 'Goblin Fair' next week. I'll do a separate posting for the forthcoming programme.

Meanwhile I am feeling pretty chipper because we have some juicy bookings coming up later in the year. Two highlights being: a November gig at Sandyballs and a teaming of Sting in the Tale

( with Wimborne Minster Folk Festival in June.

Venues and possible entrance fees to be confirmed when the programme is published:

Saturday 9th June

Storytelling Workshop - Library

Whether you want to learn to tell stories, or to gain confidence talking in front of an audience, this short, but fun workshop will meet your needs. We will consider sources and styles; and participate in some theatre exercises, to develop confidence and performance skills.

For adults and children over the age of 8.

Family story time - Secret Garden

Come along and: find out how the nightingale got her voice, what happened when rat decided to learn to play the drum and what did Adam do when his wife left that first garden at the beginning of the world?

Story Session - Beyond the Watershed - Allendale House

Storytellers of all kinds are welcomed to this Storytelling for ‘grown ups’ session. Whatever you want to hear or tell: folk stories or ballads; myths or legends; shaggy dog tales or anecdotes, here’s the place to share the story. And being after 9pm they can be as scary or bawdy as the audience will allow!

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