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  • Madeleine Grantham

Storytelling Workshop Saturday June 16th

Due to popular demand, I am going to be doing another workshop at Christchurch library. At this stage it will be a one off, but I am interested in doing a series of workshops to develop our depth of knowledge and skill in telling stories.

Learn the Ancient and Traditional Art of Storytelling Whether you want to enrich bedtime stories for the grandkids, launch yourself as a performance storyteller, or feel more confident presenting to colleagues at work; this workshop gives you an opportunity to develop your skills as a storyteller. During the session there will be a series of enjoyable exercises that will focus on two key elements: Storytelling for improvers - activities and coaching designed to develop one’s learning of the plot, imagining the scenes and building the characters - all to enrich one's storytelling. Performance skills - games and exercises to promote confidence, a sense of 'presence' and basic vocal skills. This workshop is also a great aid to being a confident public speaker. Being a storyteller will help you at these times when the spotlight is on you to inform, tell or explain anything to colleagues or friends. Tickets £10 on the door or £11.07 on Eventbrite.

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