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  • Madeleine Grantham

Saturday Workshops

Improve your Storytelling

Whether you want to enrich bedtime stories for the grandkids, launch yourself as a performance storyteller or develop your creative writing; this workshop gives you an opportunity to develop your skills as a storyteller.

Storytelling for improvers - activities and coaching designed to develop one’s learning of the plot, imagining the scenes and building the characters - all to enrich one's storytelling.

Performance skills - games and exercises to promote confidence, a sense of 'presence' and basic vocal skills.

20th Oct - Developing the sense of place and atmosphere.

17th Nov - Depicting vivid characters

Both workshops: 10.30am -13.30pm

To book online: Go to Eventbrite (£11.07)

Alternatively book a place by email and pay on the door cost: £10


Castle point Library

Castle Lane



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