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Epic Weekends

I'm afraid I've been rather lax in adding to this blog over the last year. However The year has been busy with storytelling. I had a week up in the North East with the third week of Shonaleigh's 3 year Wild Woods course. It was a fabulous venue and the workshops are really beginning to gel into a cohesive whole. Very inspirational.

Meanwhile the other projects I have been working on have been chapters of epic material:

This year the epic chosen for the Epic Weekend, near Huntingdon, was Tales of King Arthur. I decided to tell the story of the making of the round table. It is found in one of the earliest versions of the story - one written in Anglo Saxon by a lawyer from Bristol (Layamon). (The previous versions had been in Latin or Norman French.) I had fun doing all the research for that - including research on types of wood and table construction!

Heads and Tales also had its usual epic evening in the new year. This year it was Tristan and Isolde. I thoroughly enjoyed both the research and performance. My chapter was the part where the couple travel from Ireland to Cornwall. Particularly apt for me - being a seafaring story.

Tristan and Isolde enroute to Cornwall.

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