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These Woods More Free

In Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ his exiled duke remarks “These woods, more free from peril than the envious court” - relishing the honesty of country life over courtly life. In this tale we’ll hear what happens when the tables are turned and Robin Hood leaves his friends (Little John, Much Millerson and Will Scarlett) in the greenwood and travels to the royal court. It all began when the Sheriff of Nottingham went to London to complain to the king…

In this storytelling performance Madeleine Grantham conjures the land of the Middle Ages and the lives of country dwellers through the cycle of the year. There’s the panicked Abbess who gets help from an unlikely source; the dutiful daughter tempted away from her spinning and the lazy lad on a quest for wealth.

This is the blurb for my offering for the Step Up Commission due to feature at the Get a Word in Edgeways Festival in July this year.

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